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Enjoy all the excitement of fantasy sports and more! Fantasy Congress makes political engagement collaborative, easy, and most of all fun.


Choose real life members of congress for your team


Configure your team to get the most points each week


Get the most points during your season to win

Power to the People

I love Fantasy Congress. Seriously, such a cool idea and an awesome execution.
My interns absolutely love Fantasy Congress. They’re constantly comparing points and even the staffers are getting into it.
Honestly we have a blast playing. I used to never pay attention to the news, now I watch C-SPAN for fun.
Students are getting more into politics and political matters. This is the kind of thing a government teacher like myself loves to see. Plus, it's been fun and we've had a lot of laughs!
I would like you to know how much I am enjoying Fantasy Congress! Thank you for your time in running this amazing site, and I hope I can support you further in the future.
We just started playing today with colleagues from around the country and we are so excited to see how this works. Thank you for providing a way for us to connect during these times!

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